Where is the best coffee in Kutchan ?

Living in Japan used to mean giving up some of the great things about western life and great coffee had to be in the sad panda mix. That is now well and truly in the past. Many boutique roasters and great cafes are now popping up in the Niseko area.


The first to scene and still was of the best was Sprout Coffee. If you are not skiing Niseko you really owe Sprout a visit and they are just a short walk from Kutchan Station.


Sprout mixes a variety of tropical sourced beans with the darker Bolivia roast being my personal favourite and being the closed match to a good old fashioned Aussie flat white.

Roasted daily at Sprouts in house professional roasting machine located right in the front window you know you are getting a fresh roasted cup of Javarian goodness made with Niseko love. If you are fresh of a train it’s well worth a stop over and Sprout coffee is a great antidote to Kutchan’s active nightlight.

Sprout is highly recommended and bound to have you coming back for more. It can get very busy in peak seasons but early mornings are the best secret to enjoying the Sprout atmosphere.

Sprout is also very active in the outdoor and climbing community so if you are looking for people to meet up with and some outdoor activities this is a great place to drop in and start a conversation. Sprout is a great gateway to find activities and people to do them with when you are not skiing Niseko.

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