Hokkaido’s must try food experience

Japanese food has made it’s mark all over the world. It’s common to find Sushi bars and now Ramen shops popping up in major cities all over the world.

But there is a another worthy contender for some of Japan’s best eats and it’s yet to get the full publicity it deserves.

Soup curry.

I remember first trying Soup Curry in the Susukino district of Japan and I was instantly blown away by it’s complex flavors and surprisingly level of spiciness and ” punch in the face ” level of flavors that are a stark contrast to the more subtle flavors of Japanese cuisine. It almost feels slightly out of place and dare I say ” not Japanese ” .

My first bite into the tender chicken leg reminded me of the sort of dish we used to eat on Surf trips to Indonesia back in the day.

There is a good reason for that. Soup Curry was invented in Sapporo in the late 1970’s so it’s still a relative new addition to Japanese cooking. Rumor has it that it began as staff dish in cafe after the chef was inspired by South-east Asian food and it was modelled on the Indonesian chicken soup known as Soto Aya. Another story maintains that it was invention of the owner of ” Magic Spice ” who still maintains a chain of Soup curry restaurants all over Japan.

The Soup Curry standard now is a spicy broth that contains a mix of vegetables using cooked and added separately, bone in leg of chicken and sweet potato and corn. All these ingredients are freshly available in season in Hokkaido so it really makes for a great eating experience.

It’s not quite indian in texture and it lacks the thick gravy of Indian curries nor is the broth as rich as Ramen in flavor but soup curry has to be the ultimate fusion food combining an Indian level of sophistication in it’s spices, a South East Asian way of cooking the meat in broth and the Japanese knowledge of creating amazing soup stocks.

Whatever it’s history Soup curry has become a must try signature dish of Hokkaido and it’s also featured in our Hokkaido Autumn food festival tour 16th-202th of September.

One final tip. These guys aren’t mucking around when they give you the 1 to 10 spice levels. Choose wisely and don’t let your ego write checks your taste buds cant cash.