Q1) How did you end up in Niseko ?

Niseko is the dream destination for every ski instructor. Surprisingly it wasn’t for me. 

I started my Japow experience in small ski resort in Hokkaido about 10 year ago.

When I first came to Hokkaido and meet with the famous Japow, I didn’t love it. I spend whole first season struggling under the snow rather than enjoying the deep snow haha. 

Thanks to many of my senior instructors, I finally got to learn how to enjoy the deep powder snow properly. 

After I got the hang of skiing in powder I wanted to move to a bigger play ground which is where I am now Niseko. 

As a year around ski instructor, I have skied many places including South Korea, China, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe and so far I haven’t found a better place then Niseko. 

Until I find the place where it can beat Niseko, I will be here enjoying the finest snow in the world. 

Q2) What’s been your favourite thing about living in Niseko ?

With Niseko being international town it brings a lot of opportunity for such a small yet diverse city.

I also enjoy many different types of dining places, bars from Thai food truck to Michelin start French fine dining and people from all around the world to meet and socialize is one big part in winter time.

Q3)  What’s the advantage of taking a lesson rather than “going it alone “ ?

Saving time!
If you have whole season holiday in Niseko, It’s okay to just play around and figure out on your own. But your holiday time is unfortunately limited and time is so valuable. So why be wasting time when you can ski with local expert and get all the tips you need and you just take the high road holiday !

Q4) What can people expect to see and do on a True Niseko lesson  ?

Lessons are not only for improving the technic, it’s also about learning to enjoy skiing and riding more safely.

You will learn how to use your body to make correct movement on snow, how to ski/ride comfortably. We will also show you where to ski on your level across the different resorts here. 

All that applies not only beginners it also applies to experts for technic improvement, little tips and learning things that you’d never thought you would do by your self. 

We can show you how to maximize your ski/ride time on the mountain and we will help you to find what Niseko is truly all about.

Q5) Do you have a favourite place in Niseko to Ski yourself ? 

It’s hard to pick one place but out of four resorts, I’d choose Hanazono. 

Great groomed runs, fun off-piste tree runs, open powder areas. 

Also great lunch places 🙂

Q6) As you are aware Niseko United is actually made up of 4 resorts. Do you have a suggested resort for somebody that has never tried skiing before ?

Annupuri is the best place for first timers and beginners.

Slopes are very gentle and widely open so it has lots of space to play around safely.

Q7) What’s the most common mistake beginners make when learning to ski in Niseko ?

Going without learning. 

Of course taking lesson is the best option but if you can’t you don’t have to have professional lessons but you defiantly need some instruction by YouTube video or from your friend. 

Make sure you know where you are going. If you are not ready, if you are not sure, please practice where you are comfortable on. Once you are super comfortable then you can move on to the next level. 

Over confidence can be a risky thing and that might not end up with fun holiday you planned.

Q8) Have you worked with the military community before ? Any idea what to expect ?

I don’t have any work experience with military community yet, although I’ve met many people in Okinawa during my holiday this summer.

Honestly I am very exited about this winter to welcome you all SOFA members to show you the best ski/snowboard experience! 

Q9) Is there anything people can do to prepare better for Ski lessons ? 

No need anything, just being your self and we will go step by step together or shred together!

Q10) Any other tips for those looking to have a great time in Niseko ?

I’m sure our great guide Brent has lots of great tips so follow him ! ( editors note: don’t follow Brent. Useless that bloke )

This 21/22 will most likely to be the last winter without international visitors, so this means we will get to enjoy the whole Niseko Japow to our selves! don’t miss out on this chance 🙂

See you in Niseko!

Thanks Jeongwha ! If you would like to learn more about True Niseko they have some great info on their website