If you are planning a sightseeing trip to Hokkaido one recommendation not to miss that we have at NisekoML is Noribetsu Onsen.

Noribetsu would be considered Hokkaido’s most well regarded onsen town and features a good range of hotels with a nice spread of prices and offerings.

The area’s real drawcard is the amazing natural attractions that are within walking distance of the major hotels.

Don’t miss Hell’s valley where you can see the volcanic water boiling into the surface as the entire valley fills with steam or the natural onsen waterfall that flows into a popular foot bath. In the warmer months these are linked by a popular walking track but over winter you may be well advised to take a car to the top carpark that services the footbath and waterfall.

A popular stay and one we would recommended is Hotel Mahoroba which features one of the largest and most impressive range of Onsen baths in Japan and is a destination in itself. It has a great all you can eat buffet packed with a decadent range of seafood, Sushi, Wagyu steak and other Japanese delights. Dinner, breakfast and Onsen are usually included in the price making it pretty good value for money considering.

Our tip if you are just staying one night is try to arrive in the town at lunch time and then check out the sights above and then enjoy the onsen hot tubs into the evening.

Getting there

Noribetsu Onsen is located about 1.5 hours drive from Sapporo so getting a hire car is one good option and also aids in exploring locally once you are there.

Another option is a bus from Sapporro that takes you directly to the hotels. There is site listed below but you may need some Japanese assistance as some of the information is embedded in an image and not so friendly with google translate.


Suggested travel route from Sapporo below