Niseko Military Leave Story

Like all good ideas Niseko Military leave was discovered by accident.

With international travel of US servicemen severely disrupted during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic it was clear that members of the US armed forces serving in Japan were desperate for an exciting family friendly opportunity for some well-deserved rest.

A chance encounter at Camp Foster on the island of Okinawa lead to a good relationship with the United States Marine Corps down there and dare we say “ snowballed “ into further close relationships. At the time the tourist friendly town of Niseko was suffering to the economic hardship of not seeing their usually influx of international guests so 2 problems where perhaps solved at once.

Whilst we are relatively new in the tourism industry we know Niseko and Hokkaido like the back of hand so if you want to see the very best that Hokkaido can offer then Niseko Military leave can get you there.

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