Don’t worry this won’t read like a Apple document.

We will do our best to act with the highest business ethically and try to exceed our customers expectations even under challenging circumstance

However we would like to have a conversation about what should be considered reasonable business behavior.

Our current policy is that should your units covid-19 travel policy change at any point in time we will provide you with a full and complete refund as per our Covid Travel guarantee.

The slightly trickier question arises from late cancelations by you and changes outside our control for the some of the actives that our suppliers may deliver.

Regarding Cancelations

Niseko military leave will be happy to provide a full refund of any funds paid right up until 2 days before your trip is due to to depart. We ask that if you if you need to cancel please do it as soon as you possibly can as wheels start turning a lot behind the scenes as dates get closer.

Inside 2 days we will charge 25% of your total trip costs to help offset ( but entirely even cover ) some of our fixed costs that we still have to incur such as your seat on the bus and the marketing budget to get your enrollment in the first place and handling your booking.

Our accomodation suppliers have been very generous in understanding our covid-red zone guarantees but the chances of them being able to re-advertise and fill last minute canceled accommodation is very unlikely hence there needs to be some payment made to them.

Adventure activities

Another possibility is sometimes for no fault of our ours we can’t delivery on something you have paid.

For example dangerous storms and winds may close the gondala and make downhill mountain biking impossible. If this happens we will do our best to find an alternate activity such as cross country ride ( and beers on us _ up to the value of that activity

We also reserve the right to cancel any trip at any point in which we will provide you with a full refund. It’s not likely that this would occur but should a serious threat to the viability and enjoyment of a trip arise it may be the safest and and most ethical thing to do.

We also strongly advice you to book transferable airfares wherever possible and maintain a good travel insurance policy.

Damage and liability

Niseko ML is not prepared to cover damage or extra costs incurred by you.

Whilst we are happy to try and negotiate discounted accommodation and activities on your behalf we are not willing to be responsible for any damage caused during your stay and by booking though us you must agree to take reasonability and cover costs for damage you to do rooms or hire equipment.

A final word

We are willing to step up and try to offer a complex mix of activities in a rapidly changing travel environment but adventure travel rarely goes to plan for an individual traveler let alone a group.

We may have to substitute activities due to weather, flight delays or plain bad luck and we will try our best to make this fair for all parties.